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Hey There

Thank you for stopping by our website. We are so happy to serve you in any way possible. We hope Our Story not only inspires you to dive deeper into naturally nourishing beauty but to also find your inner Serenity. You can do so by joining our growing community on instagram at @serenitybodyshop where we dive deeper into healing in all forms… mind, body, and soul. 

Our Story

The name Serenity comes from the latin word ‘Serenus’ meaning calm or peaceful. Serenity Body Shop was originally created by the founder Worknesh Woldemichael who opened her first beauty supply shop in 2006 selling mainstream hair and skin care products. Having 3 girls of her own with natural hair and access to a wide variety of hair products, she realized there was a gap in the market. Organic and effective hair care products to use on her kids were no where to be found. This sparked the idea to create Serenity Body Shop, providing organic, clean and effective hair and skin care products. 


Serenity is passionate about clean, natural and organic beauty that not only enhances outer beauty but adds nourishment to the body. This is the ultimate goal, holistically nourish everyone who uses our products and enhance beauty. 

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