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Serenity Organic Olive Oil for hair, scalp and body 

Olive Oil 8oz

SKU: 196412010161
  • Product Information

    Serenity Organic Olive Oil helps to moisturize the hair, scalp and body. This oil blend works to coat brittle and damaged hair giving a sleeker, smoother and healthier appearance. Serenity Organic Olive Oil is an excellent styling product for straight, curly, wavy, coils, twists, braids and locks.

    8oz / 250ml

  • Directions

    For daily use apply a generous amount of Serenity Olive Oil to hair, scalp and body. Massage gently. Do not rinse out.

  • Warning

    For external use only. Stop using if any sign of an allergic reaction.

  • Ingredients

    Organic Cold Pressed Olive Oil and Grapefruit Essential Oil.

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